Comic-Con: “We packed our suitcase full of costumes and made our way here!”

Comic-Con 2016 was another huge success. 130,000 people came from all over the world to be a part of the four-day crazy fun that the convention center in San Diego had to offer. Everything from sneak peeks, premiers and movie trailers to crazy costumes were found at the world’s biggest geek-fest. Some attendees made extra efforts and stopped at nothing to get attention at this years event. It didn’t matter that it was hot, very hot and that it must have been hard to catch a breath under their costumes – they all did it for the love of their Comic-Heroes.

Our reporter Kjersti Flaa was there to meet and talk to what it seems like are the real heroes for us…

Reporter: Kjersti Flaa
Videographer: Magnus Sundholm