The Fate of the Furious finishes in first, and indie drama Gifted opens to promising numbers!

Nothing could stop The Fate of the Furious from speeding to the number one spot over the weekend at the box office. The eighth installment of the Furious franchise brought in a hefty $100 million in three days, and nothing could come close! The rest of the top ten look similar to last week’s as no movie wanted to go up against Dom and his crew of speed racers. Low budget indie drama Gifted starring Chris Evans opens nicely as well. Here’s a look at what happened over the weekend:

1st place is: The Fate of the Furious with $100 million. The latest installment of the Fast and the Furious series follows Beauty and the Beast and Logan to become the third highest debut so far this year. Charlize Theron joins the likes of Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kurt Russell, and Michelle Rodriguez in the film that finds Dom (Diesel) being seduced to an underworld of terrorism that poses as the biggest threat the crew has been a part of.

2nd place is: The Boss Baby. Disney’s comedy brought in $15 million and has now grossed $116 million in three weeks. The animated film stars the voice of Alec Baldwin as a baby who dresses up in a suit to fight a bad CEO who is ruining Puppy Co. He teams up with his seven year old brother (Miles Christopher Bakshi) to take the evil empire down. The animated film also features the voices of Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire, Jimmy Kimmel, and Steven Buscemi.

3rd place is: Beauty and the Beast. Bringing in $13 million, the blockbuster has now made $454 million. The live-action musical features Emma Watson (Harry Potter) as Belle and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as the Beast. Featuring the original songs and new music, the epic fairy tale played in 3-D and IMAX, appeasing a wide demographic of fans old and new for this tale as old as time, becoming 2017’s biggest hit so far.

4th place is: Smurfs: The Lost Village with $6.5 million. The film has now made $24.7 million. For the third installment of the Smurfs, the film is fully animated versus mixing real life like the first two. The Smurfs are voiced by Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson, Joe Manganiello, and Michelle Rodriguez. A mysterious map sets the Smurfs on a journey to the Forbidden Forest to discover a secret, bigger than any other in Smurf history.

5th place is: Going in Style with $6.3 million, bringing its two week total to $23.3 million. The comedy-drama is based off a 1979 short story by Edward Cannon. Morgan Freeman, Joey King, and Ann-Margaret star as three lifelong friends who risk everything to kick off every bank that absconded their money in a desperate attempt to pay their bills. The film is directed by actor Zach Braff.

Rounding out the top ten are: in 6th place: Gifted (Chris Evans) with $3 million, in 7th place: Get Out (Daniel Kaluuya) with $2.9 million, in 8th place: Power Rangers (Bryan Cranston) with $2.8 million, in 9th place: The Case for Christ with $2.7 million, and in 10th place: Kong: Skull Island with $2.6 million.

Those are the results for this weekend’s box office race. What was your favorite movie you saw? Tell us in the comments below!