Starring in Rogue One was “an experience I will never, ever forget,” says Jones.

Rogue One is the latest chapter in the Star Wars trilogy. Featuring a new cast of characters, the plot revolves around Jyn played by Felicity Jones. In an exclusive featurette, Jones’ shares insights on her character and her experience of working on the big budget Star Wars project.

Rogue One begins with Jyn as a little girl. She witnesses her mother being murdered and her father taken away by the enemies. Years later as an adult, portrayed by Jones, Jyn is now in prison for “aggravated assault and resisting arrest.” When asked if she can be trusted without her shackles, she calmly responds by saying, “Yes sir.” She is a woman with a dark past, a rebellious present, and one who knows how to survive.

Jyn is tracked down by rebels who want to use her to get to her father, because he is a scientist who designed the Death Star. “The rebellion find her a little bit difficult but they need something very specific from her,” Jones explains.

Jyn is a strong woman, a loner, a rebel who knows how to fight and take care of herself. Jones explains how “important that we found her humanity and her vulnerability, and everyone should relate to her.” She’s a character who has seen a lot of hardships, but one who is willing to keep fighting for what is right. At first the rebels find her “difficult”, but as the battle to undo evil ensues, Jyn’s vulnerability shows, as she is a dedicated person who is willing to risk everything to battle good vs. evil.

As costar Diego Luna explains of Jyn, she is a “troublemaker.” Luna plays Cassian, the rebel who recruits her, and he “witnesses that she is a real hero, someone who is willing to risk everything.” In one scene featured, Cassian almost steps in to help Jyn fight a group of storm troopers, only to be amazed that she can do it all on her own.

Director Gareth Edwards says, “Felicity brings a level of strength that always keeps you on your toes.” Jyn is a resilient character who made it through a tragic past and is willing to risk her life to save the future of humanity. “You want her to win,” says Edwards.

Jones has had an impressive resume the last few years. She was nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for her touching performance in “The Theory of Everything”, playing Stephen Hawking’s wife. She is also starring in the highly anticipated film “A Monster Calls”, based on the best-selling novel, which comes out Christmas Day. Jones’ has proven to be a talented and versatile actress.

When asked what it was to work on Rogue One, Jones smiles and says, “This is insane, an experience I will never, ever forget.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now playing in theaters.

Here is the featurette: