“With the camera crew and sometimes twenty-five people in a room that’s barely five hundred square feet, so it got a lot.” – Gerard Butler on Hunter Killer

Gerard Butler stars as Captain Joe Glass in the new action film Hunter Killer. The politically charged thriller follows U.S. Navy Seals across the world and costars Oscar winner Gary Oldman (The Darkest Hours). The film is directed by Donovan Marsh (Avenged).

Hunter Killer begins with the Russian President Zakarin (Alexander Diachenko) being kidnapped by his Defence Minister. Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is in charge of the U.S. Navy Seal submarine that he sends into Russian territory. Glass and a large team including Admiral Charles Donnegan (Gary Oldman) embark on a heroic journey to save the Russian President and avoid sparking World War III. Hunter Killer also stars Common (The Hate U Give), Caroline Goodall (The Dressmaker), and Zane Holst (Kadence).
Gerard Butler is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood with a wide range of work including action films and dramas. He has five films coming out including All-Star Weekend, Angel Has Fallen, Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, and Afterburn. He will also reprise his role of “Big Nick” O’Brien in Den of Thieves 2.
Film Inside reporter Rachel Kasuch met with Gerard Butler to discuss the making of Hunter Killer. Butler opens up about fans, social media, clausterphobia, and more. “Instagram to be honest I could be a lot better at it,” admits Butler. “I love the chance when you do post something, and people see it and they respond to it and you go ‘Yea that’s nice’. They get to see a bit of your world.” To see more of what Gerard Butler has to say about Hunter Killer, watch our exclusive video interview below.

And here is the trailer: