“She’s hard on the outside but has a gooey inside.” – Krysten Ritter on Jessica Jones and The Defenders

The last time we saw Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), she had finally beat the brutally evil Kilgrave and resumed to live her boozy, loner life in Hell’s Kitchen. Jones is a recluse who happens to have super powers. Not known for working well with others, Jones finds herself working alongside Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Daredevil (Charlie Cox), and Iron Fist (Danny Rand) to form The Defenders.

In an exclusive interview, FilmInside’s reporter David Bruce met with Krysten Ritter to discuss Marvel, The Defenders, and saving the world as a team.

Could you briefly describe The Defenders and how do they work together as a team of four?
The Defenders come together kind of reluctantly. These are all super loner characters with the exception of Iron Fist. But these are characters who come together because at the end of the day they have a moral responsibility. they’re powered people and can help so when put to the test they will.

What drives Jessica Jones in The Defenders?
Because Jessica in her past she has suffered trauma and injustices, I think what really gets her is when she sees small injustices happening. Even if its as small as someone being rude to someone in the bodega I think she fells that in her core.

What was it like working with the other actors playing The Defenders vs. working only our own solo show?
It’s not as lonely. When you work on your own show its you every day by yourself, so having all of us together in one place was awesome.

Where do we find Jessica now that Kilgrave is gone? Will we be seeing a softer side to Jessica or will she still be guarded?
Oh, she’s still very guarded. Just because that person (Kilgrave) doesn’t exist, the damage and the trauma she carries around doesn’t go away. I definitely wouldn’t call her softer. For a while he (Kilgrave) was the reason why she got out of the house. For someone who’s a loner and doesn’t like working with people that’s a challenge, so that’s where we meet her. Its going to be a constant evolution of her dealing with that.

How does Jessica adapt to working with The Defenders?
She doesn’t want to but she has to because she has abilities and she’s a powered person so she will. She’s hard on the outside but has a gooey inside. But she definitely makes fun of it, she makes fun of the other characters.

Jessica Jones is one of the only mainstream female superheroes, do you feel a responsibility?
I really just looked at it as a character who has super powers. For me it’s character first and drama first so I approached it the same way I do with any other acting part. But, I knew the character was dope and was one of the best female parts I’d seen in years. When I saw this part I was like “Oh, this is everything.” This is great drama. And she’s funny.

Marvel’s The Defenders started on August 18, 2017 on Netflix.