“The Power Rangers now more than ever represent such a diverse group of people coming together.” – Becky G. on Power Rangers

Power Rangers comes out March 24, 2017 and fans from all over the world can’t wait to see the first big budget reboot of the popular franchise that began in 1993. Directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) the modern day adaptation swaps the 90’s spandex suits and set pieces for high-tech body armor and loud CGI effects. The TV series had several mega-successful seasons that spawned more series, cartoons, comics, and films.

Power Rangers is a reboot so it will follow the five teenagers’ journey from high school drama to becoming superheroes. Taking place in modern day, the film will also explore modern day teen issues like cyberbullying, race, gender, and finding one’s identity. The multiracial cast also features both strong female and male characters.

Stepping into the colorful power suits are: Dacre Montgomery as The Red Ranger (Jason), Naomi Scott as The Pink Ranger (Kimberly), CJ Cyler as The Blue Ranger (Billy), Ludi Lin as The Black Ranger (Zach), and Becky G. as The Yellow Ranger (Trini). The film also stars Bryan Cranston as the leader of the Rangers named Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as the evil villainous Rita Repulsa.

In an exclusive interview for Power Rangers, all five actor sat down to talk about the making of the film and shared some personal insights. Becky G. explained how, “The Power Rangers now more than ever represent a diverse group of people coming together gender wise you have girls and boys working together.” She further explains how the film explores “self-identity issues, bullying, cyberbullying, being on the spectrum, those things are so relatable.”

They further talked about their own personal struggles, views on the world, and who their own heroes are, from their parents, to their trainer, to iconic actors like Bruce Lee. Becky G. explained that her fourteen year old brother who is autistic is her hero because he “strives to be this amazing human being. Any obstacle he’s overcome, he makes me feel like I can do anything.” To see more about what Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G., Ludi Lin, and CJ Cyler have to say, watch the interview below.

And here is the trailer: