Marvel has confirmed that a new movie is to be realised and played in theatres July 7th 2017 of Spider-Man, Homecoming and that a prequel comic book release will be coming out before the premier date of the movie – it looks like June 20th 2017 which is one month ahead of the actual movie release date. Marvel has not made any official announcement however of this prequel comic.

The movie will be directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car) which is from a script by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein (Vacation).
As most people know, there were several Spider-Man films prior to Spider-Man Homecoming however the main character, Peter Parker who will be played by Tom Holland will be newly introduced to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland has signed up to take on six marvel movies, all of which could be linked to Spider-Man with three Spider-Man movies and three solo movies as Peter. The new Spider- Man first appeared in Captain America, Civil War where he was recruited by Tony Stark to join the team.

The new Spiderman film has been said to have three main villains, one of them has been confirmed to be played by Michael Keaton who will star as “The Valture”, who is apparently the main villain in the movie. 2nd villain will be “The Tinkerer” who has said to be the man behind The Valture’s flying suit. Although it has been confirmed that there are three villains, the third one has not been confirmed. There has been speculation however that one of the villains could be antagonists, “Shocker” or “Scorpion”.

Other casts member will be include Robert Downey Jr to Cast Tony Stark and his appearance with the cast has provided a big hint to the public in terms of plot. Marisa Tomei will be playing Aunt May who played the role in Captain America. Other names in the cast include Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, and Tony Revolori.

The previous casting for the original spider man films is different to this release, in that Logan Marshall Green and Bokeem Woodbine have no role in the Spiderman Homecoming film and has not been confirmed.

In terms of the plot, there has not been an official announcement as to what the story will entail. Because most spider man fans are aware of Peter Parker and his story life within the movies before, Marvel will probably take another perceptive and story to make it different and entertaining as much as the previous ones.

A possibility for the storyline could be a continuation after Spiderman fought with Iron Man in Captain America, Civil War.
The new Spider Man will also have a love interest in the movie, as he always does! It’s not clear or confirmed who but some ideas are that it could be Mary Jane, from previous Spiderman movies and would be played by someone different or it she could be played by Zendaya. The love interest could be Peter’s high school interest, Liz Allen that could be played by Laura Harrier…but those are all speculations. Stay tuned…