Could Rachel Talaley be the next Star Wars director?

There are a lot of fans out there that are famous who love the Star Wars movies. One of those fans recently mentioned about how much she would love to take the helm for the next movie. Has “Star Wars” found its first female director? If “Tank Girl” director Rachel Talaley has anything to say in this matter, she would become the first female director of this iconic movie franchise. “Star Wars” is easily one of the most popular franchises in the history of movies, so it makes sense that everyone would be clamoring to be a part of these movies.

Rachel Talaley was speaking to Cinemablend when she stated the case as to why she would be the best woman for the job. She is very quick to point out that she has the qualifications and the nerd cred to be very successful helming the “Star Wars” movie. As far as sci-fi geekdom, she notes that her time directing for the sci-fi hit “Doctor Who” checks this off of the list. She also feeds off of the female empowerment that Carrie Fisher gives off during the movies, acknowledging her movie “Tank Girl” and how she is all about the essence of powerful females and how she has experience in this.

Kathleen Kennedy, who is the chief of Lucasfilm, has openly discussed her thoughts on a woman taking the lead for a “Star Wars” movie. While she would love to bring a woman on to be in charge of a “Star Wars” movie, the huge scope and size of these films cause problems when finding the right director. There are very few directors that are qualified for a movie this grand as it is and a majority of them are men. Still, there is hope that this may happen someday.