Zootopia – a happening city in which the most diverse animal species live together in peace and harmony. There are neither hunters nor prey between the animals and everyone can be what they want to be. As Judy Hopps a young  energetic rabbit demonstrates by becoming the first rabbit in the police force. Since her childhood she was ridiculed for this dream, but never lost sight of it. With great effort, strong will and determination she succeeded. Although her much larger and more powerful colleagues initially aren’t serious about her and demote her to be the traffic cop.  Judy quickly stumbles onto a missing animal case which has the city in a panic. She embarks on this quest to solve it with the help of a resourceful fox, Nick Wilde. The pair has a rocky start but ultimately a genuine friendship develops. This is just one of the many hidden messages in this extremely humorous and action packed Disney adventure.

Our teen-reporter Rayden Clapp spoke with the directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore in “Animal Kingdom” at Disney World in Orlando Florida. They talk about their journey to Africa for Disney’s 55th Animationfilm to study the behavior of animals. And what happened to them while they where there.