Will Tom Hardy be the next James Bond?

Tom Hardy threw out there in a recent interview about him possibly being interested as the next 007, if the current Bond Daniel Craig does decide to leave the franchise. With his status for future roles up in the air, the talk of his replacement – and future director – is up for discussion.

Hardy won’t say if he’s interested because of the superstition that if an actor does want a certain role openly, the actor won’t get it. So, while he tiptoed around playing James Bond, he did acknowledge a director to do the next movie – his Inception and Dark Knight Rises director, Christopher Nolan.

In his recent interview with the Daily Beast, Hardy said the following:

“Chris Nolan, what a fantastic director for a Bond movie. Because Daniel [Craig] is so good, and what [Sam] Mendes and Barbara [Broccoli] have done has been so impressive, that it would be a very hard reimagination to follow after. I wonder what the next installment of that franchise would become, and I think when you mention someone like Christopher Nolan, that’s a very powerful figure to bring into that world who could bring something new and create something profound—again.”

Craig’s performance as James bond has been praised, but it was bringing on Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes to do Skyfall and Spectre that raise the game of what a Bond film must be. Mendes is done with directing anymore Bond films (or so he says), so the list of possible replacements – Danny Boyle, George Miller, Joe Wright, and Duncan Jones among others – is extremely vast and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have to comb through for the right director. And, if Daniel Craig decides to hang up the Rolls Royce, the list of actors to take over is vast. Hardy, along with Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Chris Hemsworth, are among the names floating around for that role.

Hardy would be a good fit with his experience in high-octane roles (and of course, be dashingly handsome), but having Christopher Nolan in the director’s chair is very lucrative. Like Craig and Mendes having worked together previously on Road To Perdition, a Hardy-Nolan team would be great for the Bond franchise.