World AIDS Day commences on 1 December every year, but this year marked an extra special occasion for Whoopi Goldberg. On this memorable event for 2016 she was awarded with the Elizabeth Taylor award for her decades-long activism campaign to help those who suffer with the disease. The award was given to her on the popular talk show, The View, and it was received by a very emotional Goldberg.

During the show, Goldberg discussed how no one wanted to really discuss or talk about AIDS during the ‘80s and ‘90s, but she and her close friend, Elizabeth Taylor would often do so. The pair often spoke on behalf of those whose voices are not always heard and who were affected by the disease. Taylor insisted on using her own money and resources in order to help combat and fight the stigma surrounding AIDS all over the world. Goldberg said herself that she had friends who suddenly became sick and who were discarded from their families and their homes. She explained how hospitals left them on the street because people were scared and uneducated about AIDS. Her AIDS awareness campaign started out when Elizabeth Taylor asked her to help with an AIDS benefit. Goldberg had immediately agreed.

Host of The View, Sara Haines, then surprised Goldberg with a video tribute that included messages from Colin Farrell, Lionel Ritchie and Elton John. John, who is heavily involved in AIDS activism himself, ended the video off by saying that Goldberg is an angel and that she is an extraordinary friend who stood up with Taylor to speak for the voiceless.

Goldberg was presented with the award by 4 of Taylor’s grandchildren and one of them announced that there would be a joint partnership between the Foundation and PEPFAR for the value of $4 million.