Cult of Chucky will be the 7th film in the Child’s Play series, coming out October 2017

Cult of Chucky will join the six other films in the Child’s Play series. Universal just announced that Cult of Chucky has begun production, and writer/director Don Mancini will return.

The first Child’s Play came out in 1988, with Brad Dorif playing a serial killer who gets shot and possesses the body of a popular child’s doll named Chucky. The popular series spawned six sequels, becoming one of the most famous franchises in horror history. In fact, since it’s release, it’s become one of the only horror series of the 80’s that continues to produce sequels as opposed to remakes or reboots.

Brad Dorif will provide his iconic voice once again, and Jennifer Tilly will lends her vocals to play Chucky’s evil bride Tiffany. Fiona Dorif will return as Nica, the survivor of 2013’s Curse of Chucky.

The plot will follow Nica (Fiona Dorif) who is suffering from PTSD in a mental hospital following the murder of her family. She is convinced that she is the killer, not Chucky. Her psychiatrist introduces the good guy Chucky doll to her for therapy, but little does the hospital know what the seemingly innocent smiling doll has in store.

Universal hasn’t given an official release date yet for the project, but says to expect a DVD by Halloween 2017. Chucky number seven is coming soon!

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