As if Dwayne Johnson wasn’t busy enough with his own television show Ballers, not to mention the two dozen or so movies he has in different phases of development and production, he’s adding another project to his list. 

The Fast and Furious star will come back to his roots in the wrestling world by teaming up with Will Ferrell.  Together they have created a comic drama series set behind the camera of a fictional wrestling association. The show gives a real-life feel type glimpse into the lives of a wrestler known as The Boulder and Brian who was the head of the WWE head writer.  

The venture, hailing from Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions, got a pilot commitment from Fox. Andrew Gurland, who made FX’s Married, will write the pilot script.  The series gives viewers a behind the scenes look at a fictional professional wrestling setup and chronicles the one of a kind odd couple relationship that is created between a charismatic youthful character, similar to The Rock, and a painfully discomfited comedy writer new to the world of wrestling. A fish out of water among these alpha guys, this previous sitcom writer needs as much help as he can get by exploring to a great degree the energetic, quite mad and always unpredictable world of professional wrestling.
“This November will stamp the twentieth anniversary of my professional wrestling debut, which highlighted stories so beautiful you’d believe there’s no way that can be true,” said by Johnson. He adds that the entertaining show that goes on in front of the crowds pales in comparison to the madly entertaining show that goes on backstage. The show is a fish out of water story, highlighting a comedy author who-comes into the world of wrestling and his relationship with a charismatic young sports entertainment star, perhaps nicknamed “The Boulder.” Much of the show will obviously be based on the relationship between Johnson and the previous WWE head writer Brian.

This is one of two pro wrestling ventures right now being developed; Marc Maron and Allison Brie are likewise on board for another Netflix show in view of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  Variety reports Johnson will be producing the series alongside Gewirtz through his Seven Bucks Productions banner while Ferrell will be working through his Sanchez Productions outfit. Fox has given the project a pilot commitment, which implies it will air either as a pilot or a special.