“We know Jackie as an icon, she had this very particular style; the hair, the clothes, the grace”, says Portman on playing Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie.

Natalie Portman gives an Oscar worthy performance playing Jacqueline Kennedy in the drama Jackie. She shares her experiences of embodying Jackie in an exclusive featurette, from the clothes she wears to the private and public image she held. “We know Jackie as an icon, she had this very particular style”, says Portman, “it’s one of the things she’s really remembered for.”

One can’t deny the iconic style of Jackie, which Portman sports throughout the film, wearing many recognizable dresses.
“The hair, the clothes, the grace”, Portman explains are some of the features everyone knows about Jackie. In one scene from the film, Portman plays Jackie in a black and white televised segment where she gives a tour of the white house, smiling while saying, “I just think everything in the white house should be the best.”

“The clothes are obviously very much a part of this facade that we know about Jackie”, says Portman, revealing that there was very much a public persona of Jackie that everyone knew, but also a private one that no one saw. “Our costume designer Madeline Fontaine did an incredible job recreating the wardrobe she was wearing for particular scenes”, says Portman. One of the most recognizable outfits is the pink Chanel suit Jackie adorns while JFK is shot right in front of her. At the time the newspapers only photographed her from the shoulders up, but in the film her dress is shown covered in blood after the tragedy.

On top of the costumes, the set design was recreated for Jackie, resulting in an authentic portrait of early 1960’s America. “The production design was incredible, and they built the white house in Paris it was really crazy”, says Portman. The film features many shots interweaved with actual footage from events. With the rich set pieces, many of which are authentic, and the perfectly tailored costumes, Jackie is an accurate representation of one of the biggest moments in history.

Jackie is a stunning period piece led by a powerhouse performance from Natalie Portman, who says in her best Jackie voice, “And for one brief shining moment, there was Camelot.”

Jackie is now playing in theaters. Natalie Portman is nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG Award for Best Actress.

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