Fragile Rock set to return to HBO Go in late 2016. The show that touched many of our lives growing up in the 80’s will be digitally remastered and all 96 episodes… set to air on HBO and HBO Go’s streaming service.

Fragile Rock, created by Jim Henson first aired January of 1983 through March 1987 and had 5 seasons. If you are like me and can hear the theme song: “down Fragile Rock…clap clap, down on Fragile Rock… clap clap” then you are probably just as excited as I am to hear of this news. You will have the opportunity to once again relive and experience your beloved characters brought back to entertain us once more through song, dance and adventure. Such characters such as Gobo, the ever so friendly and wildly adventurous Fragile who would receive a letter from his Uncle Matt who was always traveling and teaching him about the world outside of the cave. To be honest, this inspired many of us to have similar adventures in our own lives. The show taught the values of friendship, life challenges and was all about community.

We at Film Inside are incredibly excited to rejoin the adventure and share this fantastic show with the younger generations.