“I’ve had some parents that I didn’t get along with that kind of made it hard to date the person, and then I had some parents I loved, so I’ve had both.” – James Franco on Why Him

James Franco and Bryan Cranston team up to portray the battle of the generation gap in new comedy Why Him? Franco portrays Lair, a multi millionaire tech bro from Silicon Valley who is dating the daughter of conservative businessman portrayed by Cranston. The parents meet Lair over a holiday weekend resulting in a culture clash at it’s worst providing hilarious moments and laughs.

Film Inside met with Franco and Cranston to talk about what it was like to portray the generation gap, how good they really are with technology, and if they have ever experienced the “meeting the parents” in Why Him fashion. Franco opens up about his comfortability with nudity, to which he said yes because of his “diet, sit-ups, and pushups.”

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