“You have to stand for family, you have to stand if you see a grievance that’s going to hurt people or a community; it’s important that we have a voice and we make if heard.” – Liam Neeson on being a hero

Liam Neeson stars in The Commuter, a high tension thriller that follows an everyday man caught in a government conspiracy. The film joins the likes of Liam Neeson led action movies like Unknown, The Grey, Non-Stop, and the Taken series. The Oscar nominated actor joins a talented cast to tell the edge of your seat story that never stops once the train starts rolling. 

The Commuter follows businessman Michael MacCauley (Liam Neeson), who hops on a commuter train to head home from work like any other day. He meets Joanna (Vera Farmiga) who entices MacCauley to play a game with a cash reward. Soon MacCauley finds himself in a deadly criminal conspiracy that threatens him and his family. The Commuter also stars Patrick Wilson (The Conuring), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey), and Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad). The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously directed Liam Neeson in Unknown and Non-Stop.

Liam Neeson is one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors, one who has a large variety of work. On top of playing action heroes, he also does voice-over work in films like A Monster Calls, as well as comedies like A Million Ways 
to Die in the West. In addition to The Commuter, Neeson will star in this years Hard Powder opposite Laura Dern, and in Steve McQueen’s highly anticipated Widows with Daniel Kaluuya. 

FilmInside’s reporter Rachel Kasuch met with Liam Neeson to discuss The Commuter. Neeson opens up about doing fight sequences, keeping fit, and being bullied. “I was bullied myself as a kid,” admits Neeson. “I subsequently met my bully again when he was sixteen, and we became pals. But, I found out what his life was like when he was bullying me.” To see more about what Liam Neeson has to say about bullying and to learn more about The Commuter, watch our exclusive video interview below.

The Commuter in cinemas on January 12th.

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