Star Wars The Last Jedi features stunning effects and an out of breath Rey, but leaves us asking many questions!

It’s been fourteen months since Star Wars produced it’s epic chapter The Force Awakens, which raced to the top of the box office, becoming the number one film of all time. Last December, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released, and it was a force, but it was a side story taking place before A New Hope. Fans of the series have been dying to see what will happen next to Rey and Luke.

The Force Awakens ended with Rey on a deserted island. She slowly walks up to a man with a hoodie, and he takes it off to reveal his face. Audiences gasped when they saw it was Luke Skywalker, and it was the one and only Mark Hamill playing him! And then…. the credits rolled.

The Last Jedi’s trailer begins with Rey crawling on the rocks of the island out of breath. Could it be possible that Rey had a force back sequence like she did in The Force Awakens? This is just one of many, many questions we have about The Last Jedi. The trailer is very short and consists of fast edits, revealing gorgeous landscapes, fantastic effects, and (most) of the large players. Absent are Laura Dern, Benicio del Toro, and Tom Hardy.

Of course, the most absent major player missing from the trailer is: Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia had a big role in The Force Awakens, and led us to believe she would be in the future sequels. After Fisher’s untimely death, Disney agreed that no one can fill her shoes, and they also released a statement that said they will not be reprising her roles via CGI. However, Fisher had filmed scenes for The Last Jedi, and she will be in it, but it is unknown how big or how little she will be featured.

The fast-paced trailer for The Last Jedi is stunning. Kylo Ren, Poe, and Finn are all featured. Rey is nearly out of breath the whole time, and so is nearly every other character. A voice is heard saying, “Breathe, just breathe” (good advice). Check out the trailer for The Last Jedi, and remember, to just breathe.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens Christmas Day 2017.

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